New Zealand Model For COVID-19: A Study In The Context Of India.

On February 2,2020 a man in Philippines died of the corona virus out of China and the next day onwards the country New Zealand began banning entry to any foreigner and at least quarantined the foreigners for a minimum of 14 days. Only after 3 days of WHO’s declaration of the Covid outbreak the country began imposing disease prevention measures and strengthen them. The country’s attempt in controlling Covid is called “crushing the curve”. According to the the Director General of health of the country their strategy was influenced by a report from WHO-China joint mission that talked all about speed. According to it, focus on finding the cases faster, isolate them and track their close contacts. This method indeed turn out to be a boon for New Zealand. From late of February through March the government tightened its restrictions. They called out to the entire population to unite as a “team of 5 million.” The best part was that New Zealand didn’t let its guard down. The workers worked together all day and night together to keep the cases low and they still continue to be vigilant, and that is the reason why New Zealand became a country free of the disease haunting the whole world.

The case study of India turned out to be very different in itself. India recorded its very first case on 30th January,2020 in Kerala when a student returned from China,Wuhan. However, the country was quick to impose the lockdown which took place by the mid week of March,2020 bringing everything to a halt. Though the number of cases rose even after the government was stringent enough to impose the lockdown for more than a month giving little or no leniency. As recorded on 17th May the recorded cases were 90,927 with almost 2,872 deaths. As the country’s economy came crashing down the lockdown was lifted and the normal life resumed, however without normalcy. The case began to have a surge and the waves of Coronavirus hit the country very badly. The cities worst affected were Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh. The country did have an effective lockdown but it failed to follow the speed method of New Zealand and hence the countries parted ways in their techniques to deal with the pandemic.



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