Some certain things when work hand in hand can bring a lot more change in present scenarios of our society. And so, I believe that there exists no such powerful force in today’s era than technologically driven processes. Keeping this in mind, we at SAPIO ANALYTICS work constantly to devise this immense power of technology in uplifting the standards of existing government policies and recommendations. Every now and then, we look out for voids to fill them with new products and innovations backed by strong foundation of data intelligence.

SAPIO UMBRELLA is one of such initiative introduced by the team of Sapio Analytics. It basically works as a bridge between data and implementation of that data into making the government functioning better by aiding in research and development of new age technologies by combining the insights from the government and creating awareness of the government data and formulate new ways to improve it.

What forms the basis of the same? Unequivocally, it is the continuous research and development being done and the domain expertise, which help to reform government recommendations of our country. Broadening the aspects, it is very clear even from the basic idea that ‘Sapio Umbrella” also paves a way towards sustainable development, creating a better difference in the society,

Apart from the Research and development centre, we have the following branches of Sapio Umbrella as well:

Learning Centre

The learning centre being knowledge constructive in nature harbors a high impact moderated discussion forum wherein speakers from diverse domains are invited to discuss about topics of national interest.

Industry Centre

The industry centre aims to create an industry ecosystem by working with various industries having multiple innovative ideas and visions which will be integrated into the government ecosystems and thereby empower government as well as citizens.

Alumni Network

The alumni centre is what makes people to love to affiliate with SAPIO ANALYTICS, providing hospitable environments for its team to work in.

With our yearning ambitions, we are aiming to bring worthy changes in our society, creating a better place where we aren’t technology driven but our policies will surely be.

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