Sapio Analytics

The application developed by Sapio Analytics along with Dinosys Infotech facilitates an integrated policing management system along with an information processing platform that will empower front-line Police Officers who are on a beat towards achieving Global Policing Standards.

Police officers encounter challenges and barriers in carrying out their duties daily. There is a significant disparity between the rate at which crimes are committed and the number of FIRs filed. Investigations are being delayed due to a lack of collaboration between internal divisions. The training standards are quite inadequate and do not account for the use of new technology.

The mounted Smart Cop App will enhance the balance, security, sustenance, and scalability of the existing department. It can likewise be utilized for mapping crime which can monitor high-crime locations.

To solve the problem in a modern way Sapio Analytics Came up with Smart Cop which aims to train the law enforcement agencies on emerging technology, mitigating cybercrimes, enhancing their skill set as well as capacity building so that they are combat-ready in a real-time basis. The Smart Cop is an essential guarantee to modernize the police to manage local security. It will also emphasize the new exigencies of the police management system.

Customizable Modules are offered like incident management, third eye, gun license etc to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of policing.

There are various benefits of Smart Cop like traversing from E-Governance to M-Governance, quick & smart decision-making, real-time intelligence, seamless integration etc.

To know more about how SMART COP helps in achieving the global policing standard click here

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