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Employment Enhancement Portal

This case study is about Employment Enhancement Portal, an internet platform for combating the problem of migrant workers and facilitating and providing them with the requisite measures to earn a livelihood and empowering the policymakers to make the decisions based on data and analytics to maximize the impact with optimal use of the resources.  

 Earlier, the administrators were approaching this problem on a hit-and-trial basis. There are over 150 departments all over India to tackle the employment issues, but the migrant crisis during the COVID opened the eyes of everyone that so much more work is required to combat this issue, and with the rise in the working population, we need to take proper steps to this ever-growing problem.

Furthermore, the different government departments need to work together to achieve a common goal, and putting the correctly skilled labor to the job, will have a multifold effect on boosting the economy, reducing poverty, improving education, and reducing the crime rate.

We, Sapio Analytics, studied and analyzed the current situation and came to know the problems that need to be resolved. These issues are as follows:

  • Talent Gap
  • Non-availability of Real-time data
  • Requirement of MSMEs
  • Identification and validation of the Skills

 Sapio Analytics came up with the revolutionary idea of solving the blocks by collecting more data, cleaning data, and making a simple Whatsapp Bot empowered platform, wherein the registration is effortless.

The solution allowed improvement in employment conditions in Uttar Pradesh.

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