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Sapio Analytics brings a Smart Digital Census Tool that takes conventional digital census to the next level. It uses unique technologies that can help improve the process of census while it is being conducted, and in the process making the entire process smarter and more effective than a conventional digital census.

The Smart Digital Census is where enumerators go on ground to take surveys, but they use new age technology enabled by the internet. The goal is to make the process faster and more accurate, while also making it real time for immediate action in the event of a data breach.

Prior to the implementation of the solutions, the major problems being faced by the districts were identified like

  •   high cost
  •   data accuracy issue
  •   non-availability of data in real time
  •   risk of respondent’s data loss etc.

To solve the problem Sapio came up with the Smart Digital Census Tool where the enumerator on the ground doing data collection was supported by an artificially intelligent guide who is constantly making the process easier and quicker for them. Real-time analytics help to pinpoint issues the moment they arise, and in some cases, catch them before they occur.

Sapio’s Smart Digital Census Tool comes with various financial, social, and administrative benefits.

Click here to know more about the Sapio’s Smart Digital Census Tool and its application

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