A.I. driven Dashboard

This case study is about improving the efficiency of the government administration at the taluka and district level by providing them access to all the relevant data and giving meaningful outcomes and insight. This will enable them to track the status of each activity and measure and compare the performance of each department so that they can take pre-emptive steps to take advantage of the opportunity and prepare for the threat.

Earlier the administrators were using outdated approaches to track the status of the ongoing activities and effective monitoring was difficult, resulting in delayed response to the problem. Furthermore, the different government departments work together to achieve a common goal, which leads to delaying of the project, and the key identified problem was of Data flows detection. It is one of the most challenging tasks that the local administration faces.

We analyzed the current problems that can be solved by the implementation of the District

Dashboard, and the problems were identified as follows:

  • Accountability issues
  • Support in identifying the unclear gaps
  • Speed in Decision Making
  • Help in Making the next set of policies or improving the current ones

 The Sapio Analytics came up with the revolutionary idea of to solve the above mentioned blocks by collection of more data, cleaning of data and creating the accountability by measuring the performance in numerical form.

The solution allowed improvement in Agriculture sector of Telangana

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