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Say Hello to Real Assist’s Micro Intelligence Reports!

Real Assist – Simplifying your Real Estate dreams! 

A.I. and Analytics – An Emerging Trend

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics are becoming an integral part of many businesses these days, and Real Estate is no exception. Instead, it is a sector where complex parameters need to be evaluated and narrowing down to one property after being overloaded with dozens of information just adds to the already cumbersome process. Thus, there exists a need to leverage technology and data in redefining the whole experience of selling and purchasing.

Real Assist – Helping Real Estate Developers

Any decision pertaining to Real Estate involves an in-depth survey and research due to the high risk associated. As a huge sum of money is involved, and the list of factors to be analysed seems to be ever-expanding, Real Assist, an end-to-end intelligence powered by A.I., ensures that modern technology and machine learning algorithms are put in place to smoothen the decision-making process. Its customer-oriented approach comprises the analysis of multiple dimensions such as demography, locality, amenities available and the income levels of potential buyers.

Region-specific intelligence retrieves data that is difficult to access while also analysing the emotions and behaviour of the customers. Understanding buyer’s profile, engaging in productive conversations through advanced chatbot, filtering leads at the backend based on customer preferences and having data of verified properties showcases the enhanced approach of the system to deliver the best for your hard-earned money.

A new way forward – Micro Market Intelligence Reports

We, at Sapio Analytics, have developed an ultimate end-to-end exhaustive reporting system to enable Developers in making analytics-driven decisions. 

How does it transform the conventional approach to the Lead Cycle?


Real assist
Real assist
  • Gives a comprehensive view of the area where the demand for properties is rising and their availability in those regions
  • Interprets the demographics and cost of living
  • Presents a detailed housing analysis along with the interests of buyers
  • Analyses past leads and identifies ideal buyer profiles
  • Determines average based on property type sold
  • Calculates the average loan amount as per the monthly income of buyers, which helps in understanding the customer demographics leading to the appropriate recommendation of financial services

What helps us stand out from the current players in the market is the real-time pulse that we take from our leads, in turn, reducing the Marketing costs, Improving Location Analysis, and thereby significantly increasing the ROI using our solutions.

A Memorable Experience

Knowledge of the market on a hyperlocal basis is extremely beneficial in the Real Estate industry as even small variations across places influence the buyer’s decision. With every passing day, citizens are looking for a hassle-free and personalised platform to cater to their requirements, and Real Assist stands on that very foundation.

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