Sapio Analytics


SAPIO’s footprints can be seen in various spheres!

SAPIO has been leading the way in the new revolution of sustainability. Some of our AI-powered innovations are driving the new revolution by embracing the power of technology and innovation to transform industries and changing the world.

What’s new in this HRMS?

Transforming human resources to happy resources with AI driven solutions!

A natural extension of ‘Samarth’, Oz HRMS was conceived with a belief that when employees are happy and fulfilled in their work, they are more productive and engaged, leading to better outcomes for both the individual and the organization. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we are able to create personalized HR solutions that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each team member, helping them find fulfilment and happiness in their work.

How are we changing the HRMS Ecosystem?

How OZ helps solve the problem?

Apart from the basic modules, Our advanced features help in encouraging employee engagement:

  • Happy Zone increases Employee Productivity
  • KPI Management brings Task-focused Performance
  • Empathetic Engagement supports Employees 360 degree
  • AI Enabled Automation optimizes time taken
  • Training and Development is personalized
  • Insights and reports helps make organizations great places to work
  • Business insights for budgeting are made possible
  • Personification of workplace increases a sense of attachment in this new-age world