What we do?

We are creating a lake that has rare intelligent data, derived through deep tech tools and unique access to citizens, which can be used to solve various problems of the world, delivered through corporates, governments and any other relevant institutions. This lake is dynamic with new data being created in real-time.

We are on our mission to create the world’s largest such repository with the intelligence to derive world-changing outputs from the same.

We achieve this by creating products using deep tech which can extract intelligence out of less accessible data through mediums of national importance ultimately leading to social impact.

Data Lake

The Intelligent Data Lake collects data from various sources like the Public Institutions, Private Institutions and Citizens that pass through an Analytical Layer to filter out only sensible data. We make use of this data to enhance and strengthen multiple sectors including Skill Mapping, Healthcare, Socio Economic Index and understanding Consumer Behaviour better. Sapio analyzes these sectors and with another layer of in-built Analytical layer, creates products and solutions that create a social impact through crucial segments of the society and giving it back with fruitful decision making. This becomes an infinite loop as we give it back to the sources and the data processing keeps on improving.

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