Sapio is a team spread across India, UK, and Silicon Valley, focused on creating high end data based algorithms powered by AI, on the path to become the first purely artificially intelligent policy making system in India and probably the world. Its on its path to become the go-to product for any government body to take decisions- the go-to product that all stakeholders (government representatives, citizens, data experts) would want the government to use before taking decisions.

What defines Us

The four pillars that define Sapio’s Mission are: –

  • Building a wide product range
  • An ability to synergize with other organizations thereby creating a robust ecosystem
  • Strong customer relationships and institutional tie-ups
  • Dovetail insights from domain experts to improve technology solution

Together, these 4 pillars coupled with the help of new-age technologies will help us deliver our stated goal.

About Our Clients

We use data based decisions to optimize COST for Government across sectors. We help create new government policies, we optimize expenses and earnings for government bodies within the boundaries of existing policies, and we even mitigate risks at various levels. And we do all this by unleashing the true power of data using our expertise in P&L optimization.