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We wish to be remembered for 1000+ years as the organisation that leveraged new age technologies to transform entire economies

About Us

Prashant Nikam

Executive Chairman

Prashant Nikam has been a maverick government officer, responsible for multiple new systems within the government. As Director of Police and Director of Personnel, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, he has innovated various processes.

Ashwin Srivastava

CEO, Director

Ashwin Srivastava has been a serial entrepreneur, having built and exited multi million dollar entities, and having been an angel investor and venture capitalist in various data focused startups. As a pioneer in artificial intelligence, he is an innovator of products.

Hardik Somani

COO, Director

Hardik Somani has been a social entrepreneur, active on ground, building organisations from scratch such as the UK-headquartered INSA. As a go-getter, he is an innovator in operations.

Sapio can be termed many things but what we are here to do essentially? ‘Here to leverage the power of data and AI to create impact on the lives of the people’

The iceberg, as we all know, has 10% of its entire mass, floating above the surface of the sea, while about 90% is beneath the surface, hidden and inaccessible. Data has been very much like that, in a world without Sapio.

While the entire world was trying to tap what’s above the surface, we decided to do the unthinkable. We decided to create an ocean of data that would have what is beneath the surface, untapped and less accessible data of citizens of the developing world. Data that goes beyond the digital footprint of billions of people, data that taps into the minds of people, data that can help get a real time pulse on all citizens!
Thus creating the Neural Ocean, one of the largest repositories of intelligent data in the world.

Our Journey So Far....

The SAPIEN Brain - Neural Ocean ™

The neural ocean consists of data of people, where it understands them better than the people themselves, and uses that understanding to guide them towards an enhancement in their livelihood.

Currently, it is being used to understand skill proficiency of jobseekers, along with an empathetic understanding of what is ideal for their career, and use the same to do smart matching with job providers, by guiding both the seekers and the providers with empathy and perception management. This use case is under the product “Samarth”.

It will also be used to identify skill gaps, based on supply and demand of the skills, and help citizens get the right skills to enhance their livelihood. This is also a part of the product “Samarth”.

Our neural ocean is also geared towards understanding the trustworthiness of individuals and using that understanding to help them get the right financing and prepare for self employment.

Many use cases shall be created for the neural ocean, and we plan to be the market leaders in each! With our core aim being Increased Livelihood for all Citizens who we engage with.