AI driven Dashboard

A.I. driven Dashboard This case study is about improving the efficiency of the government administration at the taluka and district level by providing them access to all the relevant data and giving meaningful outcomes and insight. This will enable them to track the status of each activity and measure and compare the performance of each […]

Smart Digital Census

SMART DIGITAL CENSUS Sapio Analytics brings a Smart Digital Census Tool that takes conventional digital census to the next level. It uses unique technologies that can help improve the process of census while it is being conducted, and in the process making the entire process smarter and more effective than a conventional digital census. The […]

Employment Enhancement Portal

Employment Enhancement Portal This case study is about Employment Enhancement Portal, an internet platform for combating the problem of migrant workers and facilitating and providing them with the requisite measures to earn a livelihood and empowering the policymakers to make the decisions based on data and analytics to maximize the impact with optimal use of […]

Smart Cop

blue light, siren, police-1675687.jpg

The application developed by Sapio Analytics along with Dinosys Infotech facilitates an integrated policing management system along with an information processing platform that will empower front-line Police Officers who are on a beat towards achieving Global Policing Standards. Police officers encounter challenges and barriers in carrying out their duties daily. There is a significant disparity […]