Comprehensive Economic Growth
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Using technology as the enabler and facilitator for generating economic growth. The primary tools include Digital Skill Mapping and Digital Census backed by robust research.


MSME Division
Problem Statement

COVID-19 has impacted not only lives but even livelihood, and therefore, the economy of the state and the country is significantly harmed. It has also brought into prominence the importance of blue collared workers in the industry and the economy and thereby, establishing that an economic system that empowers the workers will also empower businesses, leading to economic revival. Also, there are thousands of industries which has been impacted due to lack of labour. More than 1 crore unorganized sector workers are present in the state and are already one of the strongest backbones of the state’s economy. Therefore, in order to ensure effective and planned revival of the economy, it is imperative to take into consideration two important, mutually exclusive yet overlapping factors:

End Objectives of the project

Increase in the overall GDP of the state

Increase in Localized Employment

Data Driven Employment and Skill Mapping

A tool to map the skillset of the blue collared workers with the industry requirement to boost the economy, provide employment & skill development.

Pie charts and calculator

Special Features


Saksham is a dynamic portal of TIFAC which uses various Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools while collecting and analysing the information / data. The portal with the demand and supply data uses algorithm and logic being integrated with the system, so that it would not only provide geo spatial information on demand and availability of Shramiks, but would also provide analysis on skill match, skill gaps, recommendations on skill training programmes, etc. This would enable vast job opportunities for the Shramiks respectfully.

Dr. Pradeep Srivastava -

Executive Director
Prof Ashutosh Sharma

Saksham is a timely and unique initiative of TIFAC towards helping both Shramiks and MSMEs to take advantage of technology in this era of economic revival. This would empower Sharamiks by projecting their candidature directly to the MSMEs & other employers and would also address aspects related to their skill proficiency levels. This would also eliminate the dependence of industry on the middlemen / labour contractor for their manpower requirements.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma -

Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The deemed body of Indian Government, providing 4.0 consultancy by using decentralised New-age consultancy, Artificial Intelligence supported approaches and empowering Skill proficiency services.

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We can simplify trading, expand access to capital, and raise communities out of poverty by providing the right tools.

Accloud, the business management app, brings all of those technologies together for the first time, putting them in the hands of tiny yet powerful entrepreneurs. Stronger growth, greater financial inclusion — and a quicker recovery from economic crisis – are the results. This is low-touch commerce, without boundaries.

Accloud is a creative, multi-technology mobile platform that empowers MSMEs with the high-growth market and business management tools, tax enforcement solutions, e-commerce capabilities and access to affordable resources.

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An E-training& Conference software is a collaboration platform for connecting knowledge seekers and knowledge providers interested in improvement and reskilling effectively in an online, real-time mode.
A new-age manifesto to embark your skills.

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