A pro-bono, non-commercial project formulated with just one aim 



Decision Support System by Sapio Analytics

Knowing the exact cause and extent of a problem on a granular level is the most important requirement to effectively solve it.

In the scenario of COVID-19 pandemic, knowing the current extent and future prediction of the problems can help the decision makers take the right measures to implement situations like lock-downs smoothly and to decide its extent and its enforceability in a particular area within the city. This will ensure that, the city’s healthcare infrastructure and other resources are used for the right purposes without getting overburdened, effectively helping save lives and containing the spread. This will also ensure optimized impact on economy, thus making sure that the impact is not higher than what it should have been. Most importantly, it is able to provide direct correlations between lockdown, even on a ward levels and the spread of the virus, which no model in the world has been able to do in a strictly Indian context. It is provisioned to add local context and help local bodies make decisions.

With the help of the real time data available, we have created models that can help make the right decisions by understanding the extent of the problem. The first version of the model is ready, and continuous work is on to create more advanced versions. We are ready to use data as a weapon to help contain this pandemic in the best possible manner. We are already serving many governments across the country and wish to serve more.

We are doing the DSS project on a Pro-Bono Non commercial basis with just one aim- 'Saving the Nation'

Verticals of the project
Our Area of Work
There are various factors that needs to be looked upon during a Crisis and our team is doing exactly that. We are doing extensive research and creating various algorithms taking into consideration all the factors that has been affected due to the COVID-19 situation.
The idea behind this is to interlink every aspect of life and government functioning to narrow down everything in a single platform for better understanding of the data and hence improve the decision making system of the government.

The areas we are working on are-

Research and Publications

Our team with the guidance of our advisors and volunteers has been involved in various researches and publications of whitepapers keeping in mind the situation and needs with in-depth research round all the sectors and various governments.
Some of our works are-
Economic Impact Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy New Budget for the COVID Year
Social Impact Social Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in India
Concept Note on use of Data and A.I. in Indian Railways for solving COVID-19
Technology Forecasting White Paper with TIFAC
Sapio Umbrella - CSR
Media coverage
CSR- Media coverage