Distinguished Citizens Committee

At Sapio, our vision is to enable policy formulators and stakeholders to use intelligence of data thereby, following the three Mantras of


The “Distinguished Citizens Committee on Policy Making (India)” formed by government advisory firm Sapio Analytics is a committee of selected individuals from India whose suggestions are taken in various policy level decisions depending on their expertise. We use the brains of these individuals to create a better India, using a combination of inputs bound together by data analytics and artificial intelligence.

The existing members of the same include Padma Awardees, CEOs of top multinationals, and achievers from various fields, who have excelled in their respective areas.

The members of this Committee are provided a certificate and badge of the same and membership is renewed every new year. There is no cost to this membership or any form of commercial payout either. The members are invited to high profile meetings, and their suggestions are sought over emails at regular intervals. New strategic opportunities for the members and their businesses/professions get created through this association, but those are organic byproducts of the impact that is being created by this committee.

Sapio Analytics is an artificially intelligent shadow government support system and has built itself on close relationships with citizens who wish to bring a transformation. With an aim to solve every problem of the world using technology, we are inviting contributors to work with us, and help bring in a new world, that uses the power of data and technology for decision making and continued execution and monitoring of the same. Currently actively working with Government of India and various state governments, Sapio Analytics has been instrumental in major socio-economic policies as well as the fight against COVID-19.

We request you to nominate an achiever who you think is a distinguished citizen of India, you may self-nominate as well. Kindly use the form below for the same, we shall accordingly connect with the citizen, and it will be our pleasure to engage them in charting the course of India. We are also creating similar committees for different countries that we are associated with.