An Initiative by SAPIO ANALYTICS

What is Sapio’s EV Ecosystem?

EV Ecosystem is the complete lifecycle of the electric vehicle, starting from the manufacturing of the EVs and its accessories to its maintenance, requirements, servicing, and operations. The idea here is to bring all data points in a common platform to help shape the policies with regards to the entire extended environment of EV, working with both the governments and private players in the process. Data generated by electric vehicles come from sources that vary from sensors to trip logs. Once this vast amount of data is analyzed using big data techniques, they can be used to develop policies for siting charging stations, developing smart charging algorithms, solving energy efficiency issues and evaluating the capacity of power distribution systems to handle extra charging loads. We invite global manufacturers and local players to plug themselves into this ecosystem to be able to increase their knowledge and prominence on a local level.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the Sapio EV Ecosystem (India) is to bring together various stakeholders and help grow the Electric Vehicle use in India and make India street smart.

The mission is to usher in the green electric vehicle revolution in a phased manner, while playing a critical role in the same, involving all stakeholders including governments, and help make India the centre of the global EV world.

Stakeholders- What it means for them

Manufacturers (Vehicles and Accessories): Global players planning to expand into India need to know India deeply, and this can only happen through data-driven analytics regarding every component of the ecosystem. Local players like Evolet are our customers and partners in this process.

Smart Analytics Providers: We bring together various analytics providers to collate data that can help make the right policies and decisions around EV.

Government: Being a data-driven government advisory firm, we aim to help make policies derived from data in the interests of the EV ecosystem in India, keeping the needs and interests in mind.

Why is this ecosystem special?

We have the advantage of a deep understanding of consumers of EV in India, that comes with our on-ground work on policymaking for the citizens. Furthermore, we also have the advantage of working with governments on driving what the country and its citizens need. And, we have access to data from various stakeholders across the ecosystem that can help each stakeholder take major decisions.

Here are the core components we work on:

  • Power Sources
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Service provider
  • EV Manufacturers
  • Governance
  • Analytics of the whole system
  • R&D

The Sapio EV Ecosystem is designed to collate data that run parallel to each other, normalize them, and help governments make sense of the same, in taking the right decisions, while also helping other stakeholders.