Decision Support System
(COVID 19)
A data backed hyperlocal DSS for
effective resource utilisation and
policy making decisions.
Economic layer
To determine the impact of COVID on different sectors of the industries, help government take decision on the incentive announcements, employment tracking.
Social layer
To determine the psychological impact of lockdown, disruption of essential supplies as well as with the crime rate changes.
Spread layer
To predict the spread of COVID based on SEIRD model as well as allow government to take decision based on the contingency and threshold allowed.
Recommendation layer
With the help of number of domain experts and the result derived from the model, we catered to provide certain policy recommendations to the authorities.

Our partnership with

Mr. Benoy Behl

We have recently associated ourselves with legendary photographer, known for introducing Ajanta Caves to the world: Mr. Benoy Behl  With the help of the exclusive photographs and the restored version of the paintings, we have been able to built up a data set, which is unique and first of its kind in the world. • This not only enhances our credibility but makes us realize the importance of art, culture and preservation of the heritage. Right now, we have access to 15 such unique photographs.

Our Partnership With​