Sapio Analytics provides an artificial intelligent government support system, to various governments, as well as tools to capture the voice of the citizens by providing them a plethora of solutions for their growth. Our long-term vision is to create a world where governments are driven by data and data is driven in real time by the voice of the citizens. In the short term, we are working on transforming the lives of citizens by recommending and executing government policies through decision support systems powered by artificial intelligence.

Our core belief is that dynamic data is powerful yet complex to understand, and hence new age mechanisms to collect data, analyze the same, and visualize the analyzed data, are needed for governments to function. If that starts happening, all problems of the world can be solved using decision support by A.I.

Through our close works with governments, we realized that there exists a significant gap between use of data science and government’s decision making. Our aim was to fill this gap. Once we started filling this gap, we further realized the kind of impact decision making through data analytics can bring. We saw the potential of economic transformation happening through us. We saw that healthcare, law enforcement, geopolitical relations, and every aspect of governance can be impacted sustainably through use of artificial intelligence driven by dynamic sources of citizen data.

And we also noticed how government departments working in silos is preventing the creation of intelligent decision making.

Having clearly seen the potential of something huge, thanks to our in-depth understanding of government functioning and excellence in data science, we started talking to former government officers, people who have been at the top and played a critical role in driving India’s governance.

The response from them was mixed. There were some who believed that what we are doing has been in their minds for long and yet they have been unable to do anything about it. Some offered to join us, as they could see us doing what they have always wanted to do. Some others felt what we were talking about was impractical due to red tape within governments at all levels. There were few who appreciated the wishful thinking but cautioned us against the challenges of creating a new market altogether.

We were determined to create this new market and become its leader, effectively becoming the artificially intelligent shadow government support system that everyone wanted to have.

Based on the budget data provided by the Government of India, 411 billion USD is targeted to be spent by the central government alone. Our market size is around 2% of the same, as decision making can create impact that saves costs from 2-10% and makes things much more efficient. Taking the budget of Africa and various other developing countries, the overall direct market size becomes more than 40 billion USD annually. And we are at the forefront of driving this today, expecting at least 50% of the market for us.

In addition, part of the budget dedicated towards execution and share of revenue with the governments (part of the GDP increase done through us) make for higher market size.

With digitization becoming mainstream, the growth rate is unpredictably high.

1)   Economic Growth Division: This focuses on increasing the GDP of a state/country, and involve both individual citizens and businesses in the process

2)  Local Administration Division: Hyperlocal analytics is our core expertise, and this division focuses on the same, working at all local governments’ level

3)  Law Enforcement and Intelligence Division: Helping law enforcement agencies as well as intelligence agencies use the power of digitization and artificial intelligence is the core goal of this division

4) Smart Healthcare Division: Creating a new smart healthcare ecosystem, that works on hyperlocal analytics and operates through artificially intelligent support given to medical professionals, is what this division does.

5)  Heritage and Culture: Also known as the Heritage Restoration Division, we are bringing back the glory of ancient heritage and culture of any region in the modern world. This division is also closely tied up with our Geopolitical Division.

Besides running the above-mentioned divisions, there are a number of companies that partly owned subsidiaries or part of the group through control over the same:

🠖 Sapio Parthiv Heritech (Private Limited): This subsidiary uses the power of our Heritage and Culture division and is focused on providing innovative beautification and advertisement options to outdoor real estate. It works closely with governments, local bodies, and advertisers, and is transforming the world of advertisement forever, through use of smart beautification and intelligent communication

🠖 Banking Correspondent Network (Public Limited): One of our recent acquisitions (name undisclosed) gives us part control over the growth of a public company known for having a large banking correspondent network into a network of on-ground data collectors and consumer behavior drivers, in smaller towns and villages of the country. With 12 million citizens currently being directly impacted by this company, and at least 20 million more in the pipeline, this becomes an important tool in our plans of knowing the voice of citizens.

Currently this company provides: financial transaction services, retail shop services, electronic shop services, entertainment services, and healthcare services, through its on-ground reach.

🠖 Saksham Score (Private Limited): This is another subsidiary owned by us; and is aimed at knowing every citizen of a developing country in a way that their trustworthiness in any skill or behavior they are supposed to display can be quantified. This becomes the future of any form of social or credit or employability rating.

🠖 EV Jagat (LLP): When we talk about transforming governments, one of the most critical changes in the world of transport driving the global economy cannot be ignored. Through EV Jagat, we are driving the EV Ecosystem in India.

🠖 Sapio Prime Joint Venture (JV): Artificially Intelligent Surveillance of Critical Infrastructure around the world is provided through this JV.

🠖 Sapio Quantum Joint Venture (JV): We are creating India’s largest network of branded primary healthcare guidance centers of India, with thousands of medical professionals onboarded with us.

🠖 Sapio Bharat Incubation Center: India’s first incubation center for government technologies and citizen impact in the interiors of India.

🠖 Sapio Foundation: Our foundation geared towards using the CSR budget of companies towards achievement of core goals and vision of the leaders of India, establishing India’s significance in the world.

🠖 KGS Microsystems: Our new acquisition that is now India’s largest Smart Digitization Company

 In addition to the above, we also have shareholding in Technology enabled Insurance Aggregator InsureEfficient, and LC financing company LC Bidding. Both companies are transforming the space of financing and insurance in the interiors of India, with physical offices in 70+ locations. Other new subsidiaries, such as MSME Jagat, are in the process of creation.

Our founders are a combination of former senior government officers, social entrepreneurs, and technology experts. Prashant Nikam (former IRAS, former Director of Police, MHA), Ashwin Srivastava (serial entrepreneur with multiple multinational companies and successful exits), Hardik Somani (social entrepreneur), Shripal Jain (government entrepreneur), Viral Vora (construction, infrastructure, and transport expert), and Arpit Palod (IIT Bombay alumnus, data genius) form the core team of founders.

The current company size is around 200 if we include various subsidiaries and interns working with us. The size is constantly growing.

We believe in the concept of creating impact, with revenue being a byproduct of the same. With this mindset, we look for DNA of impact in everyone we hire. Besides the passion to create an impact, we also look for those who believe in Speed and those who demonstrate Passion for the causes they believe in.

If someone has a desire to become a part of the history of this world, contributing to the creation of the world’s first artificially intelligent government, they can join us.

Sometimes there are interesting stories around coming up with names and we can't afford to miss it.

Sapio stands for intelligence, and we derive intelligence out of data. This is how we came up with the name. We wanted a name that could signify intelligence of data all around us and make us realize that we are missing the power of the same if we do not use them to create A.I.

Our tagline - Impact, Influence, Improve- shows our desire to create impact on the citizens, influence policies by the governments, and improve the lives of all of us creating a transformation in the world of governance.

Our core business model lies in working with the governments and providing them solutions that can be used on a recurring basis, while also helping them earn more revenue and take a part of the same for us, as a reward for increasing the GDP.

We started with our connections, people who we know and people who trust us based on the works that we had done in the past. The entire group of founders and senior leadership team comes from a background of strong connections and pedigree of success, which was used to get the first few customers. Once we had some governments on board, we got access to citizens through them, and then the cycle of getting more governments onboard was created.

Again, Going from 100 to 10000 is a whole different story. 

The large-scale growth happened with COVID-19. And it was not out of any desire to do any growth hacking or marketing.

When COVID-19 hit us, we decided to pause all our works for some time and give our lives to solving the problem using our technologies. Our team members did not sleep while we slogged trying to create an impact by saving lives. And we believe we saved millions of them.

This led to a lot of brand value for us, in a way that government leaders started talking about us. The Prime Minister of India also praised our work in an address to the nation, albeit in a different context related to the preservation of the culture of India being an important act of consciousness and happiness during the tough COVID times.

The best part of this strategy was that it was not a strategy. Though many brands tried to create a strategy out of this misfortune, we just went about solving the problems. And, strategy happened to us organically.

Challenges are common in a business that is creating a new market. When we approached clients (in the form of governments) or even distinguished citizens, we were told by some that India is not ready for such a transformation where decisions will be taken by A.I. Some leaders even feared that A.I. may take over their decision-making powers.

In such cases, the solution was to prove by showing. When our works were able to create a genuine impact, while increasing the powers in the hands of the decision makers (the entire idea of artificial intelligence is to empower and not replace), with case studies around the same, we started solving this major challenge.

Nothing speaks better than success, and we started getting success by this first set of successes.

We have a large pool of mentors, advisors, and strategic partners, including leaders apart from founders who are part of the core leadership team.

Lt Gen K J Singh (former Commander in Chief, Current CIC), Lord Rami Ranger (member of the House of Lords UK, rags to riches entrepreneur), Dr Dinesh Tryambake (celebrated doctor based out of Australia), Saumil Mehta (global businessman based out of Europe), Nooryusazli Yusoff (new age technology leader based out of Indonesia) are some of the names in our Global Advisory Board.

Other leaders include names such as Dr B S Tiwary, Ashok Gowani, Gaurav Aggarwal, and Kamal Maheshwari. These leaders come from various backgrounds in the government, business and corporate leadership, having collectively managed billions of dollars of budgets.

Yes, we have made some critical acquisitions, the latest one being KGS, as also mentioned above while talking about products.

Palantir Technologies in the US is a major competitor though they do not focus on the countries we are active in. We are even called Palantir of Developing Countries by various supporters, because of the same.

In addition, we believe we compete with the major consulting companies and big tech companies such as Google as well, though we believe in growth through collaboration.

Rewards and recognition are aplenty, but we have not focused ourselves on any, as our biggest achievement till date is impacting the lives of citizens and causing an economic transformation. Testimonials from leaders such as the Prime Minister are also bigger than any awards.

We are expanding to the world. Guyana is a country that recently found oil and is taking its journey from being developing to a developed nation. Our partners are driving this journey and we are supporting them with data. This is just an example of our planned geographical expansion.