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‘Mann Ki Baat’
Radio Programme   |   29th November 2020

Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi mentions how Sapio is creating an impact by connecting the heritage and culture of our country with technology.

“Recently I was reading about an interesting project. There is an island named Svalbard in the north of Norway. A project, Arctic World Archive has been set upon this island. Invaluable heritage data has been stored in this archive in such a manner that no natural or man-made disaster can affect it. Just recently, we have received information that the heritage of Ajanta caves is also being digitized and preserved in this project. A full view of the caves of Ajanta shall be on display in this. Along with the digitalized and restored painting, it shall also have important documents and quotes related to it.”

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Mr Suresh Prabhu
India's Sherpa to the G20 countries & former Cabinet Minister, and Member of Parliament:

“The ancient art is now getting preserved for all generations to come, for their inspiration, peep into history and pleasure. Ajanta is an example of how rich we as past humans were and how we could build on that in future, when humans will become live machines, thanks to robotisation. Art and culture which kept our inner faculties to develop will be on wane, but no one can develop technology unless human faculties work to optimum, getting creativity to fore. This art will help us all know how to develop us all as true fully grown humans. Congrats to Sapio, Piql and all to make it happen!”

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