Poonam Dhoot

Sr. Data Analyst

A technically skilled and determined individual – Data management expert with extensive experience across multiple projects in the field of Data Analytics. A budding reader and would love to spend time teaching.

Sanchita Devi

business analyst

Sanchita based out of Assam is a civil engineering graduate from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. Her hobbies include painting and music. She loves to debate and discuss because she believes that listening and speaking helps gain knowledge about different things. With positive mindset and lot’s of energy she is always ready to face every situation as this is what she believes helps people grow.

Kunal Ojha

business analyst

Based out of Bihar is a civil Engineering undergraduate from KIIT, University, Bhubaneswar. Kunal is very detailed about every data and information provided and has an aspiration to be an expert with an analytic mind. In spare time loves gardening and play table tennis.

Rai Aman Narain

Data Science

Innovative forward-thinking graduate with an analytical mind and creative capabilities polished through multiple pieces of training and projects-geared towards problem-solving.


Manika Deswal


Social Media & Marketing Manager

Tech Team