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Creating a technological environment for improving decision making using our DSS (Decision Support System) Tool.


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Decision and data if clubbed together – it can lead to Effective Data Backed Decision Making. With this in view, launching Decision Support System for Urban Administration

Backed by technological intervention through artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling them to take effective and informed decision making.

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City Administration
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ULB unaccompanied under Smart City Mission

With the help of integrated command and control centre (ICCC), a large chunk of data is being collected at a single place (ICCC) with regards to civic requirements on a daily level. With the help of smart analytics based on intelligent tools and techniques, a layer of DSS on top of the existing ICCC could aid in achieving the objective.

Decision Support System
(COVID 19)
A data backed hyperlocal DSS for effective resource utilisation and policy making decisions.


To determine the impact of COVID on different sectors of the industries, help government take decision on the incentive announcements, employment tracking.


To determine the psychological impact of lockdown, disruption of essential supplies as well as with the crime rate changes.


To predict the spread of COVID based on SEIRD model as well as allow government to take decision based on the contingency and threshold allowed.


With the help of number of domain experts and the result derived from the model, we catered to provide certain policy recommendations to the authorities.

Decision Support System for COVID - 19

Principal Secretary, Govt. of Telangana

Shri. Jayesh Ranjan


Sapio Analytica Pvt. Ltd. have already created a DSS model for COVID 19 to  visualize the scenario in the real time and assist in taking informed decision, which hasadded value to the vision of the Government. The DSS model comprises of multiple layers, each interconnected yet workable on an independent use cases basis. The algorithms used and model are developed by Sapio Analytica Pvt. Ltd. with advanced mechanism of data analytics through artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as other mediums.

The proposed system for law enforcement is ready to showcase the statistics of crime in a particular hyper local region of Hyderabad: patterns could be drawn out of such datasets to predict the future as well as trends could be identified to understand the root cause of the issue. Likewise, a threat identification and intelligence program which can predict the next possible crime by certain anti-social elements / organization of the society with the help of overall analysis of social media, internet, dark web, and others.

Sapio Analytica Pvt. Ltd.is also building up video analytical tools which help the law enforcement department further to reinforce the safety and security, internal as well as external.Large number of data points already exists within the system; however, effective utilisation of the same could help optimize the infrastructure in a way that can impact crores of lives. Solutions which reinforce the safety and security can be deployed to enhance the decision making of the policymakers inorder to create a social impact, through technological intervention.

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