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“Let’s make lives better”. Saksham is a dynamic TIFAC portal that collects and analyzes information/data using various Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. The demand and supply data portal uses an algorithm and logic that is incorporated with the system in order not only to provide geospatial information on the demand and availability of Shramiks but also to evaluate the matching of skills, skills and abilities. Gaps, guidelines on programmes for skills training, etc. This would respectfully give the Shramiks adequate job opportunities.

Economic Survey Of Unorganised Sector

The deemed body of Indian Government, providing 4.0 consultancy by using decentralised New-age consultancy, Artificial Intelligence supported approaches and empowering Skill proficiency services


Accloud is a creative, multi-technology mobile platform that empowers MSMEs with the high-growth market and business management tools, tax enforcement solutions, e-commerce capabilities and access to affordable resources.


An E-training& Conference software is a collaboration platform for connecting knowledge seekers and knowledge providers interested in improvement and reskilling effectively in an online, real-time mode.
A new-age manifesto to embark your skills.

Problem Statement

COVID-19 has impacted not only lives but even livelihood, and therefore, the economy of the state and the country is significantly harmed. It has also brought into prominence the importance of blue collared workers in the industry and the economy and thereby, establishing that an economic system that empowers the workers will also empower businesses, leading to economic revival. Also, there are thousands of industries which has been impacted due to lack of labour. More than 1 crore unorganized sector workers are present in the state and are already one of the strongest backbones of the state’s economy. Therefore, in order to ensure effective and planned revival of the economy, it is imperative to take into consideration two important, mutually exclusive yet overlapping factors:

Employees solving together
Outcomes of the project
Outcomes of the Project Msme Sapio
End Objectives of the project

Increase in the overall GDP of the state

Increase in Localized Employment

End objectives of the Project
Policy recommendations & implementation

With a strong team of domain experts, we provide with a practical and realistic approach towards implementing the changes in the policies to boost the sector. Key areas of expertise include:


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