Our Portfolio Companies

We take up areas of work within this ambit that can positively impact lives through futuristic location based solutions that will change the way the world engages with its surroundings.

We offer various solutions for the modern world such as for smart cities, OOH advertising, local area development, heritage restoration and infrastructure enhancement.

We are solving the coolest problem possible- that of eliminating poverty and creating a utopian world by enabling a profitable ecosystem. We are the world’s first Global Poverty Elimination Lab.

We have a dedicated centre of excellence which combines research, entrepreneurship, and outreach all leading to poverty elimination. We incubate and empower impact startups by providing them the most critical components of growth, and we regularly work towards new research and related outreach.

EV Jagat

We work towards the changing the perception of consumers towards EV, and also help the development of policy freindly for smooth development of EV vehicle and solar plant industry in developing nations. We have developed the EV Jagat an online platform, which helps the buyer and sellers of EV by providing them a specific marketplace and to cater their needs by an expert team.

Saksham Score

“Saksham Score” is an artificial intelligence tool developed that provides every individual information that helps the recruiters to have the right talent for the job. This product helps the firm to examine millions of applications and identify the perfect employee, who is culture fit and right for the job among all applicants, thus lowering the cost and maximizing the profit.

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A trusted gold standard of sustainable and affordable last mile deliveries, backed by a standard set of electric vehicles, designed to suit last mile of countries like India, and managed through technology driven intelligence.

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