Heritage Restoration Division

At Sapio, Our Vision Is To Enable Policy Formulators And Stakeholders To Use Intelligence Of Data Thereby, Following The Mantras Of



We seize to believe that freshly digitisation and restoration is not the stark solution to the problem. It’s subordinately assumptive to preserve them for eternity to avoid the same circle of deterioration, digitisation, restoration.

Thus, we have recently partnered up with Piql, which is supported by European Union, where we will be storing these restored as well as original photographs and datasets in the Arctic World Archive, an offline data vault in Svalbard, Arctic, where valuable information is safeguarded for future generations.


Deep inside an arctic mountain, the data is safe from cyberattacks, terrorism and natural disasters. The first ceremonial deposit took place on 21st October 2020 wherein the photographs from Mr Binoy Behl was archived

A little known archaeologist said,

“The history we study is not what actually happened but what got recorded through words, pictures or structures.

Well History is recorded, yes, in some of the books, but also it’s recorded in the things that we create and we use – the tools that we create and use ,the buildings that we live in and learn in and enjoy these are part of our heritage & culture.

It’s part of what surrounds us. History, What history? we choose; it’s our history. Preserve it or lose it.