Collected Data is further bundled to form cohesive Products & solutions and used in different Domains

Local Administration

Labour and Industries

Real Estate


Law Enforcement

Employment Enhancement Portal

Saksham- Sharmik Shakti Manch, a platform we developed to fill the gap between the job seekers and job providers by connecting them both through strategic planning and analysed assessment of skill proficiency of job seekers and further analysis of job demands, with a focus on localised economic growth. 
The portal connects the workers and MSMEs of the area through WhatsApp and missed calls. It eliminates the contractual practice slated to come up with the process of getting jobs for workers.

A.I. driven Dashboard

Our Constituency Dashboard is a hyperlocal AI Dashboard that provides tracking and decision-making support by giving accurate and meaningful data! It also aids in the extraction of data insights from numerous government departments, as well as facilitating easy communication and successful policy implementation for the greater benefit.

Smart Digital Census

We have developed a Smart Digital Census Tool that elevates traditional digital census to new heights! It employs cutting-edge technologies to help enhance the census process as it takes place, making the entire process smarter and more efficient than a traditional digital census.
Enumerators go on the ground to take surveys for the Smart Digital Census, but they use modern age technologies facilitated by the internet. Our goal is to make the procedure more efficient and precise, as well as to make it real-time in the case of a data breach.

Smart Cop

We at Sapio, along with Dinosys Infotech have developed Smart Cop! A powerful tool which will empower front-line Police Officers. The mounted Smart Cop App will enhance the balance, security, sustenance, and scalability of the existing department. It can likewise be utilised for mapping crime which can monitor high-crime locations. The Smart Cop is an essential guarantee to modernise the police to manage local security.

Training & Monitoring Platform

We provide a Training & Monitoring program for States & Governments to equip them with the latest technology!
We promise to pinpoint problems at their source, and with a layer of artificial intelligence-powered by data-driven technology, it hopes to have a significant impact on decision-making.
This programme will use a feedback loop with real-time audit and recommendation channels to provide evaluation support to trainers and track trainee performance while also focusing on impact.

Kisan Bandhu

The tool will assist the farmers in crucial decision-making at all stages of farming right from pre-sowing to post-harvest. It is built to best assist the farmer to optimize their productivity and increase their income. With multilingualism and Whatsapp integration, farmers can have better accessibility and lower barriers.

Disaster Management

We have developed an advanced Disaster Management Support System that bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and disaster management!
We realized that with the advent of technologies, it is now possible to transform the conventional disaster management policies by bringing an element of data-driven decision support, powered majorly by A.I. Through our AI-powered technology, the major goal of the Disaster Management Support System is to track, document, and limit the negative impact of environmental and biological hazards.

Wildlife Conservation and Man-Animal Conflict

Decision-making in wildlife conservation is a complex exercise involving multiple stakeholders and varying based on multiple geographical and socio-economic parameters.
The Wildlife Analytics DSS we developed will aid in the identification of high-risk regions as well as relevant criminal trends, proximity to forest offices, seasonality, time, and management of cases and incidents, among other things.

Real Estate Analytics

We recognised that property selection is no longer solely centred on pricing! The search for a home is based on a number of variables, including amenities and proximity to hotspots. With the introduction of technologically-enabled systems, Real Estate will see an increase in improved decision-making through A.I., which will benefit both developers and consumers.

Smart Digitization of Record

This product evaluates, combines and processes information to provide a detailed conclusion regarding criminal threats or activities using NLP and deep learning. It also extracts illegible text from the archived data and presents it into actionable data points. This digitalisation helps efficient monitoring of records and helps identify patterns and usability of data according to the public usage.