Collected Data is further bundled to form cohesive Products & solutions and used in different Domains

Local Administration

Labour and Industries

Real Estate


Law Enforcement

Employment Enhancement Portal

“Saksham” is a WhatsApp bot-enabled Employment Enhancement Portal that we developed. The main problem with the unorganized sector is the unreliability of the services provided and the difficulty for employers in identifying the right person for the job. This platform fills the gap between the skills required and the skills available. We designed the process so that it will also assist government agencies in formulating policies that are in line with industry needs.

We assist both employers and employees in selecting the best option from the Market Pool.

A.I. driven Dashboard

We developed a hyperlocal AI Dashboard to provide tracking and support for decision-making by providing correct and meaningful data to extract data insight from multiple government departments and facilitate smooth collaboration and effective implementation of policies designed for the common benefit.

Smart Digital Census

One of the most important requirements for designing and implementing an effective policy is having the right set of structured data. Government data is commonly obsolete, unorganized, or insignificant, resulting in policy design flaws. We have  created India’s first ‘Smart Digital Census’ tool to meet the demands of an urgent survey. It not only aids law enforcement, healthcare, and agriculture, but it is also widely used and transforms unstructured data into actionable information.

Smart Cop

Our firm, in collaboration with Dinosys Infotech, offers law enforcement agencies training, consultations, and analytical solutions based on Artificial Intelligence in areas such as cybercrime, suspect profiling, and predictive policing. This process enables higher authorities to take action in a cost-effective manner in order to reduce crime and provide a safe environment for the general public. It also aids in the identification of crime-prone areas, faster response times, efficient identification and tracking of suspects, demotivation of criminal activity in the area, and increased transparency and accountability among officers.

Training & Monitoring Platform

Our firm offers a training and monitoring program for state and central government employees in order to provide them with the most up-to-date technology. This program will use a feedback loop with a real-time audit and recommendation channel to provide trainers with evaluation support and track trainee performance, as well as an impact-driven motive.

Kisan Bandhu

This tool will assist the farmers in crucial decision making at all stages of farming right from pre-sowing to post-harvest. It is built to best assist the farmer to optimize their productivity and increase their income of the farmers.

Disaster Management

Every city is growing in size and becoming complex day by day. However, the capacity to deal with the disaster isn’t keeping up. 

With our Disaster Management Support System, we have bridged the gap between artificial intelligence and disaster management. We’re attempting to transform traditional disaster management policies by incorporating data-driven decision support, which is primarily powered by AI. It’s possible thanks to a clever mix of cutting-edge technology, disaster expertise, academic excellence woven into artificial intelligence, and a thorough understanding of government constraints and responsibilities.

Wildlife Conservation and Man-Animal Conflict

We are assisting wildlife conservation by using data analytics and AI to resolve conflicts between wild animals and humans in order to protect the environment. Our data analytics assist the government in identifying high-risk areas and crime trends related to poaching. We also assist them by relocating forest offices and identifying patterns such as seasonality, time, and variables. We also assist them by identifying patterns and other issues related to determining agricultural lands, reduced poaching, and landscape management.

Real Estate Analytics

We have collected data through various platforms, which helps the builders to develop the real estate with the requirements required for the target segment and have higher profits by evaluating the project, ideal pricing table, ideal consumer profiling, and marketing plan for easy, effective reach.

Smart Digitization of Record

We are working with various government organizations to digitalize the archive records, and we have already digitized over 35000 books, 20 newspapers, 2000 manuscripts, and 2000 maps. Further, for the national archives of India, we have digitalized over 54 lakh records, comprising over 18 crore pages.

This digitalization helps efficient monitoring of records and helps identify patterns and usability of data according to the public usage.