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Elevating human consciousness through virtual medium.

Digitization. Restoration.

Preservation. Promotion.

We are essentially digitizing, restoring, preserving and promoting the heritage culture and arts of our nation to recreate our ancient culture in its original glory, for our future generations to explore for posterity, effectively raising human consciousness across the world through the power of culture and art.

Buddhist Caves in Ajanta

The first step towards restoration and preservation is the digitisation of the existing structure and document. Therefore, Sapio with its unique capability in the domain of digitisation which includes wide format scanners, document scanners, microfilm scanners, LIDAR as well as photogrammetary tools digitise the existing material.
Further, we also have unique consort of Shri Benoy K Behl wherein a dataset comprising of roughly 150 digitised images of ancient Indian art in its current as well as original form is available with us, giving us a deeper insight into the restoration model.

Restoration - Heritage Restoration Division


Combination of manual digital restoration and artificially intelligent trained restoration. We apply deep learning with trained data sets derived out of manual work to improve and speed up the process of restoration.

Deep Learning Training is done on manually restored and original digitized art, along with comprehensive multilayered labels provided by experts for each style of painting.

restored Image
Heritage Restoration Art 2


Heritage Restoration Art 1


Photograph & Digitally Restored by Benoy K Behl

Tech4heritage Hackathon

Tech4Heritage – First step towards restoration

A 15 day Grand Hackathon was organised by us in partnership with Rishihood University and supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, with tremendous participation of over more than 500 teams and presented their model for digital art restoration of Ajanta Caves.
Target: Find India’s best brains in the field of deep learning and interested in heritage art
our collaborators


We seize to believe that freshly digitisation and restoration is not the stark solution to the problem. It’s subordinately assumptive to preserve them for eternity to avoid the same circle of deterioration, digitisation, restoration.

Thus, we have recently partnered up with Piql, which is supported by European Union, where we will be storing these restored as well as original photographs and datasets in the Arctic World Archive, an offline data vault in Svalbard, Arctic, where valuable information is safeguarded for future generations.


Ellora caves

Deep inside an arctic mountain, the data is safe from cyberattacks, terrorism and natural disasters. The first ceremonial deposit took place on 21st October 2020 wherein the photographs from Mr Binoy Behl was archived


Virtual cities, virtual museums, and virtual libraries are being created to recreate culture, art, and legacy in their original glory.

Through these heritage places around the world, information, messages, and understanding about the restored and existing Indian culture are disseminated, making people aware and value. Demonstrating India’s rich historical and cultural values, as well as how they are diffused not only in India but over the world.

Creating one-of-a-kind links with diverse countries based on our shared culture and heritage. Making traditional heritage appreciation mainstream while also providing answers to existential issues for people of Indian background. This has been a crucial step in sparking global interest in the power of ancient heritage.

No other existing mainstream media institution focusing on Culture (originating from the Indian subcontinent) opens the doors to conversations on culture among global citizens and pride among citizens of Indian origin by bringing unseen outstanding artworks from India to the world and preserving them.

Ellora caves 2
Ellora caves


As a part of our unique campaign to showcase the Indian Heritage & Culture across the globe, we have initiated with our campaign in major countries around the world.

In order to initiate, with the support from Nehru Centre, London (a body of ICCR, Govt. of India), we have planned an offline exhibition in London in the month of September 2021.


In order to reach to our aim, along with UITV (a global media network based out of the UK) we have jointly initiated ‘Ajanta HC’, a single point portal to get information about our heritage & culture.

‘AjantaHC’ also showcases a Virtual Display Museum (based on the vision of Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi Ji). This museum aims to display the artwork along with the deep rooted message and the impact of restoration of the same.

Also, we have received content support and management by leading experts across the globe.

Innovative Content provided by legendary photographer Benoy Behl, civil servant and author Ruby Ahluwalia, film director Milind Ukey, sociologist Dr Poonam Gandhi, and other experts across fields that connect with heritage.


Dance forms

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Ajanta HC is now streaming live through 

Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple music 

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A Preview of the Power of Ajanta Caves episode of The Origin of The Buddha.


Hon. Shree Narendra Modi

‘Mann Ki Baat’
Radio Programme   |   29th November 2020

Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi mentions how Sapio is creating an impact by connecting the heritage and culture of our country with technology.

“Recently I was reading about an interesting project. There is an island named Svalbard in the north of Norway. A project, Arctic World Archive has been set upon this island. Invaluable heritage data has been stored in this archive in such a manner that no natural or man-made disaster can affect it. Just recently, we have received information that the heritage of Ajanta caves is also being digitized and preserved in this project. A full view of the caves of Ajanta shall be on display in this. Along with the digitalized and restored painting, it shall also have important documents and quotes related to it.”

PM Narendra Modi
Shri. Suresh Prabhu

Mr Suresh Prabhu

India's Sherpa To The G20 Countries & Former Cabinet Minister, And Member Of Parliament:

The ancient art is now getting preserved for all generations to come, for their inspiration, peep into history and pleasure. Ajanta is an example of how rich we as past humans were and how we could build on that in future, when humans will become live machines, thanks to robotisation. Art and culture which kept our inner faculties to develop will be on wane, but no one can develop technology unless human faculties work to optimum, getting creativity to fore. This art will help us all know how to develop us all as true fully grown humans. Congrats to Sapio, Piql and all to make it happen!

Heritage restoration Ecosystem

Indian Heritage & Culture is a matter of pride for not only us but for billions of people across the country.

Owing to the richness & vastness of this subject and the underlying agenda of nation building, we are open to partnerships with

Leading us to build Heritage Ecosystem

Domains currently working on:

Heritage Restoration Division
Heritage Restoration Division


Technology development for restoration
Support and mentor the existing team working on creation of the model. Mass awareness of Indian heritage & culture

Establishing a cultural linkage and supremacy across different geographical regions of the world


Although, the major part of the project is impact oriented, revenue sharing can be planned as per the scope of partnership. Human Resources and Technology Team for the product and technology development. An opportunity to engage with individuals with varied but expert knowledge on the subject matter and thereby, creating an ecosystem which can truly create an impact.

Required subject expertise and resource availability at the time of execution Required bridge building activities to achieve the overall objective.

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