Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple is one of the finest and architecturally renowned Jain temples in India. They are known to have excellent architecture and incredible work of marble carvings This temple complex has five sections dedicated to five Jain Teerthankaras. These sections are dedicated to Lord Mahaveer Swami, Shri Adinathji, Shri Parshavnathji, Shri Rishabdaoji and Shri Neminathji. The intricate stone carving on the marble pillars and ceilings is truly awe-inspiring. The temple displays a lot of images from the Hindu and Jain Mythology. The profusion of petals, lotus buds, and flowers carved on the ceilings and pillars lend a distinctive look to the temple. Carved corridors, courtyards, arches, and porticos are other distinctive features of the temple. Though a sacred place primarily used for religious purposes yet it has a storehouse inside. Here one can get rare ancient manuscripts of a bygone era. Thus, Dilwara temple holds a significant influence on scholarly activities.