Heritage Restoration Division

At Sapio, Our Vision Is To Enable Policy Formulators And Stakeholders To Use Intelligence Of Data Thereby, Following The Mantras Of



creation of virtual cities, virtual museums & virtual libraries that replicate culture, art & heritage in their original glory

Dissemination of information, message, create awareness and value out of the restored, as well as existing Indian Culture through these heritage sites across the entire globe. Showcasing the rich heritage & cultural values of India and how it is spread not only in India but across the world.

Establishing unique links with different countries on the basis our culture and heritage. Making the Appreciation for ancient heritage mainstream whilst answering existential questions for individuals of Indian origin. This has been a vital initiation in creating curiosity in the world for the power of ancient heritage

Bringing unseen greatest artworks originating from India to the world, no other existing mainstream media entity focused on Culture (originating from the Indian subcontinent)opens the doors to conversations on culture amongst global citizens and pride amongst citizens of Indian origin

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In order to reach to our aim, along with UITV (a global media network based out of the UK) we have jointly initiated ‘Ajanta HC’, a single point portal to get information about our heritage & culture.

‘AjantaHC’ also showcases a Virtual Display Museum (based on the vision of Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi Ji). This museum aims to display the artwork along with the deep rooted message and the impact of restoration of the same.

Also, we have received content support and management by leading experts across the globe.

Innovative Content provided by legendary photographer Benoy Behl, civil servant and author Ruby Ahluwalia, film director Milind Ukey, sociologist Dr Poonam Gandhi, and other experts across fields that connect with heritage.


Shows that elevate consciousness, using the power of heritage and culture, through methods that can connect with the masses

Shows that follow episodic formats and make audience come back to enhance their knowledge



As a part of our unique campaign to showcase the Indian Heritage & Culture across the globe, we have initiated with our campaign in major countries around the world.

In order to initiate, with the support from Nehru Centre, London (a body of ICCR, Govt. of India), we have planned an offline exhibition in London in the month of September 2021.


Ajanta HC is now streaming live through 

Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple music 

A Preview of the Power of Ajanta Caves episode of The Origin of The Buddha.