Research and Development

A new phase of Shramik’s Livelihood

Saksham, a socio-economic development initiative powered by TIFAC in association with SAPIO ANALYTICS to uplift the quality and standard of living of the shramiks, presently struggling to make ends meet & earn their livelihood amidst this pandemic. Essentially a job portal, Saksham works towards eliminating middlemen or mediators, thereby directly connecting lakhs of deserving workers …

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BUDDHA Ajanta Indian Heritage

Preserving world-famous Ajanta Cave paintings using AI

Escaping the geographical boundaries and technological limitations, Sapio Analytics, a Mumbai-headquartered company is making tremendous efforts in tandem with global efforts to preserve ancient culture and art. A broken space of a mural, as an example, is restored by altering the pixels of the broken components via mathematical inference of the neighbouring undamaged half. The …

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Some certain things when work hand in hand can bring a lot more change in present scenarios of our society. And so, I believe that there exists no such powerful force in today’s era than technologically driven processes. Keeping this in mind, we at SAPIO ANALYTICS work constantly to devise this immense power of technology …