Papers and Reports

Brief on our whitepaper ‘New budget for the COVID Year’

Attached herewith a brief about our whitepaper 'New Budget for the COVID Year' which explains how the Budget 2020 needs to be reworked by Government of India. We also propose the broad contours of what the new reworked budget may need to include to meet India's socio-economic goals during this great crisis. New Budget

Social impact of covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown in India

The White Paper by Sapio Umbrella aims at highlighting factors that affect the social and psychological well-being of individuals during this unfortunate pandemic. We are throwing some light on the aftermath of the declaration of the lockdown and rise of cases in general by elaborating on the availability of essential goods & services, psychological...

Operational Efficiency of Indian Railways during and post COVID-19- Use of New Age Technologies

The current crisis has impacted Indian Railways significantly, which has been under partial lockdown since the end of March 2020. When Indian Railways is impacted, lives and livelihoods are impacted. There will be a need for increased intelligence in the distribution of goods and the planning of freight, as the impending recession may create a...