“Sahyog Committee” Of Saksham Invites
Social Organisations

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Saksham, an initiative by TIFAC (autonomous body under Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) in collaboration with Sapio Analytics, is aimed at transformation of the lives of blue collared and uncoloured workers, by becoming their lifetime guide, helping them get the right jobs in/around their preferred locations (preferably their home towns) and guiding them on understanding their abilities and improving their skills. Through a Whatsapp chat bot, the shramiks (workers) can register and find themselves attached to an empathetic bot that can speak their language, understand their needs, and empower them to achieve what they deserve.

This can positively impact our economy by distributing its gains throughout India and playing a role in solving any migrant crisis permanently. This large scale economic transformation, probably the biggest since the independence of India, is possible by reaching out to every shramik in India. And, for this, we need all social organisations with any form of outreach to the shramiks, to come together under this committee, and contribute towards the outreach to workers across India. 

This Sahyog Committee is expected to work towards informing the shramiks that a process to empower them has begun, and that they will be in the centre of this new economic revolution. Members can contribute in various ways, ranging from informing their stakeholders who can carry forward the message (a career guidance bot in form of a simple Whatsapp number) to workers, to directly conducting awareness sessions for various workers they know of. 

If any organization (NGO, trade union, social company, individual influencer), big or small, is interested in becoming part of this committee and hence a part of this major socio-economic revolution (the efforts by the interested party is entirely dependent on their bandwidth, even if you are able to inform some shramiks about Saksham, please express your interest), being done under the aegis of a Government of India body, we request you to express your interest by filling this form: