Sapio Bharat Incubation Center

Bridge the gap between technology in any part of the world and government


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Vision: Bridge the gap between technology in any part of the world and governments who can benefit from these technologies
Mission: Support a plethora of companies that can provide services and products to governments and citizens, under the umbrella of government advisory firm Sapio Analytics, by helping evolve their technologies and get connected to the relevant user
What is Sapio Bharat Incubation Center?
Incubation Center

It is a one-of-its-kind Incubation Center designed to make selected technologies and businesses, a part of the artificially intelligent government ecosystem being created by government advisory firm Sapio Analytics and provide them customers in form of governments as well as reach to citizens in the interiors of India.

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Who can apply?

Business Domain (any of the below criteria needs to be satisfied):

  • Any company in the world that works with governments
  • Any business that has technologies that can serve the citizens of India, residing in small towns and villages
  • Any company or technology that may have some potential market with governments
  • Any business with technology that wishes to serve MSMEs from the interiors of India

Size of Company:

  • Companies in pre-seed or seed stage (including the ones that are not yet registered) are preferred
  • Any other company of any size that is willing to form a separate business unit for application to this incubation center is also welcome
  • Funded startups are also welcome, if they are ok with the terms of engagement


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What the Incubation Center seeks and provides:

Shares in the company against the following services:

    • Market Outreach to Governments and Citizens in Interiors of the Country
    • Support with AWS and other cloud and technology services
    • Guidance on building or customizing the technologies that can “speak” to governments 
    • Listing on MSME Jagat 
    • Mentoring and support in building the business
    • Support from a network of members of the ecosystem

The extent of shares  shall depend on the number of services that are needed by the incubatee and the stage in which they currently are.

Further data and revenue share agreements can be done between the incubatee and the Incubator.

In addition, the Incubation Center provides the opportunity to get funded with support from our Angel Network Ecosystem Partners.

The Incubation Center provides opportunities to engage with our partners IIT Jodhpur and IIT Bhilai and extract multiple benefits from them, including and not limited to, funding and technology support wherever applicable and accepted.

Why is it needed and why is it unique:

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  • No such Incubator or Accelerator exists in India that promises deep connections with governments
  • Our deep outreach with interiors of India  is unique and can be the differentiator for many young deserving startups, who would have found it impossible to compete with the biggies having interior reach
  • Our existing platforms such as MSME Jagat is made a part of this “virtual” incubation



    • Companies apply on an application form
    • The Application form can be distributed through our partner colleges  or directly through our channels as well as through people from the industry


    • Selection by the Incubation Center leader
    • It can have advisory committee to help in selection
    • Negotiations with the companies
    • Final onboarding


    • Weekly meeting set-up with our DCC Committee/Executive committee, with guidance plan: Weeks 1 to 4
    • Guidance on development or improvement of technologies Weeks 2 to 12 through special weekly meetings
    • Activation of Market Outreach Services and relevant Connections: Weeks 9 to 16 
    • Help with funding- as and when needed