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The term ‘Geopolitics’ traces its origins back in 1899. It was coined by the Swedish political scientist ‘Rudolf Kjellen’. The term is made up of two words clubbed together- Geography and Politics.



According to Cohen, geopolitics is defined as the analysis of the interaction between geographical settings and perspectives on one hand, and political process on the other.


Research papers published by us in Geopolitics Division: India-Cambodia. We are currently working on India-Bulgaria, India-Laos and India-Zimbabwe relations white papers.

As one of the top 24 Indian Companies related to Government Advisory and Execution, Sapio Analytics strives its best to provide AI-powered policymaking solutions for government institution.

The Geopolitical Division at Sapio Analytics situates itself at the intersection of technologically driven solutions, geographical realities and political decision-making of India.

Extensive research, expertise in international relation and persistence are some features of the division.

It also functions as a multidisciplinary unit that inculcates not just research and analysis but also have technological undercurrents that vital when dealing with geopolitics in 21st century.

Our goal is to provide the expertise to the people to connect with us at all the levels possible. Therefore, we play a key role in determining the geopolitical risks assessment as well as soft power diplomacy of our nation.

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