Sapio Umbrella is a platform to bring in various government institutions and enterprises to enhance government functioning by enabling integration of new age technologies backed by institutional research and deep insights.

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Sapio Umbrella will work as a bridge between data and implementation of that data into making the government functioning better by aiding in research and development of new age technologies by combining the insights from the government and creating awareness of the government data and formulate new ways to improve it.

The Sapio Umbrella Pillars

  • Sapio Product Range: As Sapio is already contributing into making intelligent data driven decisions with it’s products, the products therefore will be of great use.
  • Startup Eco-System: One of the main objective of this initiative is to create a startup ecosystem by working with various startup with innovative ideas and visions which will be integrated into the government ecosystems and thereby empower government as well as citizens.
  • Institutional Tie Ups: With changes in the technology every moment, it is necessary that we stay ahead of the game at every moment. Therefore, research and development form another backbone of this project. There are various research and academic institutions working tirelessly over ideas to reform the world. However, with right government insight, Sapio Umbrella can provide necessary guidance and support to such institutions.
  • Government Insights: Our core differentiator is the deep government insights that we hold. Majority of our founders/promoters being deeply involved with government functioning in addition to the number of ex/retired government officials acting as advisors, we share a unique knowledge pool with regards to this sector. Also, constantly working towards improving our network resource, we are making continuous tie up with various known government bodies one of which includes UPICO (UP Industrial Consultants Organization), a PSU under Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Therefore, all the pillars, united through a common goal of social welfare and development with the help of new age technologies.