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Improving affordability and accessibility in healthcare using smart technology



Sapio Smart Healthcare is the Creator of the Concept of Smart Healthcare Ecosystem in India, and with the support of the Government of India, is at the forefront of creating and driving this ecosystem, thus transforming every aspect of Healthcare in India. Healthcare of India shall be in the able hands of our Artificial Intelligence, that is proposed to drive this Ecosystem, and we are inviting partners (hospitals, health startups, health technology providers, medical product innovators, etc) to join us

Decision Support
Smart Healthcare
Pre-Doctor support bots - Smart Healthcare
Tools to guide the doctor - Smart Healthcare
Smart Healthcare

Integration of these tools and adding a layer of smartness for the analytics driven out of it remains the weakness. 

Therefore, enabling the need for a smart data backed Decision Support System which can ensure that the complexities of the network become the strength instead of weakness.



Enhancing the operations and efficiency of hospitals and any healthcare provider by making them ‘smart’, and creating accessibility for citizens in all corners of a country


Supporting governments to make policies on a hyperlocalised level which can further enhance the healthcare infrastructure on a macro level (In India, we are driving Smart Healthcare Ecosystem of the country)

ENHANCING - Smartness Layer
Smart Healthcare

Integrating all the basic / traditional systems so that they can start talking to each other in a manner such that useful outputs can be derived out of it. The smart elements can further extract the value of the data being already captured, providing insights which cannot be seen using traditional systems alone.

Smart Healthcare
Smart Healthcare
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