At Sapio, Our Vision Is To Enable Policy Formulators And Stakeholders To Use Intelligence Of Data Thereby, Following The Three Mantras Of


Why is Data Analytics needed in Healthcare?

Although there is already a huge amount of healthcare data around the world and while it is growing at an exponential rate, nearly all of the data is stored in individual Data collected by a general clinic or by a hospital is mostly kept within the boundaries of the healthcare provider. Moreover, data stored within a hospital is hardly ever integrated across multiple IT systems. In today’s data-driven age, healthcare is transitioning from opinion-based decisions to informed decisions based on data and analytics.

Objective of Smart Healthcare initiative by Sapio

Sapio here aims to provide analytical solution that inspire trust among the people and in particular enable the human doctor or researcher to be aware of the advantages and limits of the resources and data available with them and how reliable a particular decision is by providing inputs and predicting future problems that might occur and thus make the whole system efficient and convenient.

Also provide complete health care data analysis and researches with intelligent algorithms for health care and feedback loops as part of the hospital operations and management system.

Converging Market Drivers

The Smart Healthcare initiative by Sapio aims to converge and bring R&D in Healthcare
Risk Analysis and
Data Analytics 

In a single platform to provide the best Healthcare experience to it’s patients by providing better clinical treatment effectiveness, diagnostic assistance, study and predict diseases and it’s trends and provide better management and use of the enormous hospital data.

mechanism of influence

The industry is changing, and like any other, big data is starting to transform it – but there is still a lot of work to be done. The sector slowly adopts the new technologies that will push it into the future, helping it to make better-informed decisions, improving operations. These are the few points which helps in influencing the new changes. It’s a connected process and is all inter-related.

mechanism of influence

  • Capturing full life cycle of patients- Maintain the loyalty of the patients. Most of the times it is seen that patients switches treatment facilities or doctors which affects the patients treatments.
  • Less time for research- Since the hospitals gets very less time to research it highly affects the effectiveness of the treatments.
  • Lack of personalized treatments- Some patients need personalized treatments and research on the basis of their data.
  • Operational optimization- There are various areas in which hospitals needs optimization, due to lack of planning this affects the productivity of the hospitals.