Social impact of covid-19 pandemic and lockdown on india.

Social impact of covid-19 pandemic and lockdown on india.

Covid-19, a global pandemic which said to have emerged from China has taken a great toll on the people across the world that words fail to describe. Multiple issues faced at various levels such as domestic, educational, economical, political, psychological and many more has created a devastating impact on the lives of the people in India. To stop the malicious and harmful spread of this virus, lockdown within the country seemed to be the only option left as no other means could be deciphered as a method to control the spread and almost every country has adopted the lockdown around the world. It further proved that notion that “men by nature is a social animal” when the people were told to stay inside the safety of their homes and cut down their social interaction to a great extend. This is definitely easier said than done.

The lockdown left thousands of Indians stranded hopelessly in different states and “abondoned” the poor to fend for themselves. Countless people in India struggle to fill their stomachs even once a day but with this shutdown in action, they were left with no hope and fangs of death staring at them. As India is recognised as land of diversity, so the impact of Covid-19 is diverse and countless.

The pandemic has given a red flag to the progress of humanity and affects this consciousness on a measureless scale. People losing their jobs ultimately weakens their economic conditions, students with their developing minds have been trapped behind the screens of their devices. Focus has mostly been on testing, treatment and prevention of COVID-19 but people and communities are going through various social problems as well in adjusting to the current lifestyles and fear of the disease across nation. This abrupt lockdown has brought millions below the poverty line struggling for basic needs like food and shelter which then leads to unequal share in domestic responsibilities, to violence against the vulnerable members of the household. Policy response to the pandemic as well as health and contracted economy is the need of the hour.

Till the vaccination comes, this is the crucial period and call for everyone to act socially more responsible and adhere to our duties as a part of our society.

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