A pro-bono, non-commercial project formulated with just one aim 



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Sutra is an empathetic bot on Whatsapp for masses of India solving their plasma needs a browser based bot for doctors to know the right protocols for treatment and investigation.

Current Components of SUTRA

” We also Provide Virtual Patient Support and Telemedicine through Our Site Company SAJE Care”

” We do not encourage or promote plasma therapy. We are a facilitator to fill gap between emerging demand and supply and help remove any black marketing or unnecessary practices around plasma by centralizing its management across India. We are following the ICMR guidelines that recommend plasma therapy only under rare and special circumstances, while contributing towards better management of plasma donations without panic and with the required restraint. Hence, we also provide information around plasma to patients to dispel myths”

Simply text ‘Hi’ to +91 7977358349 on
WhatsApp Resource Bot (for blood plasma)

Protocol Bot
COVID-19 Assessment Protocol

Tele-Medicine Consultation

We’ve successfully secured confirmation of more than 100+ medical professionals to provide the required consultation and service.

Mechanisms to roll out this is under discussion and shall be updated soon.

Medical Brand Ambassadors
Speaker from Sutra Team

Dr Jerryl Banait

Founder, SAJE Care

Dr. Dinesh Tryambake

Dr. Dinesh Tryambake

Global Advisory Board Member, Sapio Analytics

Indian Government Bodies Consumers/Partners of Sapio Analytics