Sapio Analytics


Human Centred Artificial Intelligence at the Core

At SAPIO, we have created a number of innovations, focused on various aspects of data analytics, including A.I., all designed to empower our Neural Ocean (Data Lake)

Our Innovations

Depth of Entity Relationships

We can understand depth of relationships between different entities, thus knowing how different skills are connected to each other or how different individuals or tasks are associated with each other


Empathy Chatbot

We interact with citizens with empathy, changing our language, tone, behaviour, during the interaction based on the citizens’ attributes


Skill Proficiency Tool

We can identify the skills of different blue to non-executive white collared workers (in the process of expansion to the rest) just based on interactions with them, across lacs of different skillsets


Smart OCR & Contextualising Tool

We can read documents in any language, and also contextualise the same to create their summaries, and extract valuable points


Video & Audio Analytics

Videos can be understood to identify individuals and extract their specific traits, while audio can be used to evaluate trust levels and confidence in individuals.


Image Processing

We have used this invention to engage with various important institutions and then use the engagement to enhance the value of our neural ocean. 


Secondary Data Normaliser

Allows for the storage and processing of unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources and helps in the exporting of extracted data in different accessible forms


Social Media Sentiment Analysis

This solution analyses social media channels and other websites/secondary sources of data for engagements, mentions etc. and automatically interprets various aspects of any conversations.