Virtual City

A 3D Modeled City With AI Enabled Decision Support System Layers

The Smart City Mission project envisages integrating disparate databases of various arms of the government agencies and creating a data integration layer on which the data analytics layer can operate. This would enable the setting up of Smart City Operations Center (SCOC), Surveillance Command Control Center and Smart & safe Elements like Intelligent Traffic Management System, City Surveillance, Public Address System, Emergency Call Box, Drones, Variable Messaging Displays, Environmental & Flood Sensors, etc. While the objectives set out in the Smart City Mission are laudable, its impact on the ground as yet seems inadequate. Perhaps there is a need to infuse an additional data layer that will leverage on the existing data layer and there is a need to make an effective data visualization layer that would be instructive and enable the decision-makers to capture the insights and act on them efficiently. With this objective, we are setting up an artificial municipal corporation which will enable the authorities to take decisions which can impact the overall long-term development of the city. Thus, the entire project is designed in a way that empowers the citizens as well as the government.