About Us

Pioneers in AI, Behavioral Science, and Social Impact with Robust Project Expertise.

All of us at Sapio believe that deep technology can be used to solve the biggest problems of the world; and the ability to do hyper-local and individualised analytics driven by AI, thus becoming an individualised all-knowing guide for the citizens, is at the heart of it.

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Empathy and AI at Work – Creating Opportunities and Understanding for All

Data-Driven, Heart-Led: The Sapio Analytics Promise

Founding Vision

Born from a dream to impact billions, our founders envisioned a lasting transformation. Fueled by data, technological innovation, and strong relationships, this vision emerged in a Mumbai restaurant, symbolised by an iceberg's sketch.

Our Mission

At Sapio, our core mission is to leverage the power of data and AI to create a profound impact on the lives of people. We are here to unearth the hidden, inaccessible 90% beneath the surface, tapping into the minds and real-time pulse of citizens

Problem We Are Solving

In livelihood enhancement, the gap is clear: low-income citizens struggle to understand their potential and market opportunities. Meanwhile, businesses face challenges in effectively engaging with this workforce. Sapio Analytics aims to bridge this divide.

Our Objective

At Sapio Analytics, our primary objective is to address this fundamental problem by creating an AI bridge between two pivotal entities

Samarth Citizens: These are individuals guided by an Artificially Intelligent Empathetic Bot, serving as a dynamic, lifetime livelihood enhancement guide.

Companies with Samarth Citizens: Platforms offering access to Samarth Citizens and bots, aimed at transforming workforces into Samarth Citizens, creating a symbiotic ecosystem

DNA of all our Innovations

  • - Behavioural Science meets Artificial Intelligence
  • - Deep Analytics
  • - Impact Focused

Our team

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Stacey Stamper

Network Partner, Colabrio Media

Alex Regelman

Co-Founder, Colabrio Media

Stephan Lawrence

CEO, Colabrio Media