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Empowering Lives Across Nations, One Citizen at a Time

Artificial Intelligence powered Lifetime Livelihood Guidance, with Intelligent Data Lake powering deep insights into each citizen

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Individualised Empowerment of the Low-Income Workforce in BFSI

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About Us

Enhancing livelihoods of developing world citizens with tech-powered guidance.

Sapio Analytics has a true dynamic pulse of citizens of developing countries, through use of artificial intelligence and behavioral science powered intelligent data lake, and uses the same to enhance their livelihood.


DNA of all our Innovations

  • Behavioural Science meets Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Analytics
  • Impact Focused

Core of Sapio Analytics

Discover the Sophisticated Array of Features and Platforms Powering Our Services

Neural Ocean (1)

Neural Ocean

We have an intelligent data lake that knows hidden skills, behaviours, socio-economic conditions, attitudes and mindsets of registered individuals, as well as unparalleled livelihood-related insights on various demographics in various geographics

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AI-powered Livelihood Enhancement Centres

AI-powered Livelihood Enhancement Centres

At Sapio Analytics, our commitment to reaching every corner of India is reflected in our extensive physical presence, facilitated through strategic partnerships and our own state-of-the-art AI Powered Livelihood Enhancement centres. We operate across diverse regions, including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, Rajasthan, and more.

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Lifetime Guide for Citizens

Lifetime Guide for Citizens

We chart a career for citizens and are always on their side helping them increase their income, receive all opportunities including skilling, and solve all their problems

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Impact Partner For Public Entities

Impact Partner For Public Entities


Sapio Analytics partners with public entities to drive impact through data-driven insights, focusing on Strategic Governance, Improved Services, Capacity Building & Inclusive Impact.

Our mission: Transform governance for a smarter, more inclusive future.

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Growth Partner for Companies

Growth Partner for Companies

Companies can chart their growth using the power of their low-income workforce, by getting the right recruitments, partnerships, retention and performance support, besides getting the opportunity to build the right employer brand

Get deep insights into your workforce

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Samarth connects citizens with tailored job, self-employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities, while aiding businesses in optimizing low-income workforce recruitment, retention, and performance. Benefit from AI-driven systems that enhance workforce potential, recruitment, and performance with deep insights.

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Samarth Citizens

If a citizen gets a lifetime livelihood enhancement guide on their side, helping them throughout their journey and providing opportunities for jobs, skill development, entrepreneurship and all aspects of livelihood, they become empowered and are called “Samarth Citizens”

Companies with Samarth Citizens

A workforce that consists of Samarth Citizens is more stable and performs better leading to companies’ growth. Explore the success stories of companies that have flourished by having a Samarth Citizen workforce.

Growth Impact: Companies can start recruiting Samarth Citizens and converting their existing workforce to Samarth Citizens, to chart their growth and be recognized for the same.

Meet Companies with Samarth Citizens

Our Impact Channels

Sapio Analytics is the exclusive nodal agency of the apex mission by the Government of India, for ending unemployment, called Saksham. We are also the digital arm of the biggest social movement on unemployment in all districts of India, Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan. We also partner with the Government of Maharashtra as their technology partner for all job fairs and career fairs. Various other government entities with deep outreach to citizens of Bharat are our partners

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