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Enhancing Livelihood of Citizens through A.I. powered Neural Ocean

Our Vision

We are creating the world's largest repository of intelligent data of citizens, to help them with their livelihood, such as employment and skilling

To create an Intelligent Data Lake that has a dynamic pulse on every citizen of the developing world mapped with us for their lifetime, and guiding them towards their livelihood enhancement. We create products using deep tech for extraction of intelligence out of less accessible data, through partnerships with mediums of national importance, ultimately leading to social impact.

How does our Neural Ocean work?

Neural Ocean (our Data Lake) gets data through citizen engagement, becomes intelligent through analytics, and is then used to create impact at different levels of the lives of citizens- jobs, skilling, increased business, micro financing and much more. In the process, it also powers government decisions and policies.


We touch base with citizens as their trusted Guide, and evaluate them, engage with them in real time, extracting data around them, using our proprietary empathetic bots. We try to understand people more than they themselves do, using our large repositories of data that help us create benchmarks and profiles.


Using our patented technologies and other proprietary innovations, we understand economic status, social status, health status, skill status, behavioural traits, etc. of citizens; and we use this analytics to smartly match them with various requirements that can help them enhance their livelihood


Companies that seek access to such citizens are given the right access with the relevant citizens post their consent and an evaluation of growth of the citizens through such access. Immediate use cases are connecting companies to jobseekers and ensuring jobseekers are always rightly skilled for the jobs. Much more impact is made in the process.

Our Core Product

While Neural Ocean (Sapio's Intelligent Data Lake) is the backbone of our existence, we have created various products powered by this data lake, that are used for impact on the citizens who we serve

Empowering careers through the power of AI and personalized skill development

By combining physical touch points across India with advanced technologies, our phygital model connects job seekers with the right recruiters, identifies skill gaps, and guides individuals towards enhanced livelihoods. Using artificial intelligence, we are able to help solve the employment and skills gap crisis and empower people to succeed in their careers.

Our Success Story

10000 +
Job Seekers
Employement Centres
Job Support Centres
Group 43

Transforming human resources to happy resources with AI driven solutions- our sister company

Transforming human resources to happy resources with AI driven solutions. A natural extension of ‘Samarth’, Oz HRMS was conceived with a belief that when employees are happy and fulfilled in their work, they are more productive and engaged, leading to better outcomes for both the individual and the organization. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we are able to create personalized HR solutions that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each team member, helping them find fulfillment and happiness in their work.

Oz is a product that we own 5% equity in because they use our intelligence to enhance productivity of placed employees. 

Enabling trust in privacy

We are aware that we are dealing with large amounts of data of sensitive data, that some of the biggest technology companies and governments do not have. Such data needs to be used smartly with anonymization. Hence, we have designed an artificially intelligent anonymizer that is useful for our own neural ocean and has use cases beyond the same. This anonymiser is also powered by the intelligence of our data lake. 

We are building world’s first AI based Anonymiser along with Government of West Bengal that can revolutionize the entire data privacy ecosystem. By using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, our anonymiser plans to securely and effectively anonymize personal data, enabling individuals and organizations to trust in the privacy of their information, providing peace of mind in today’s increasingly connected world.

Who have we impacted?

Our Neural Ocean got built with support from governments who we have helped by providing policy-making decisions. Now our Neural Ocean powered products are being used by Corporates who are able to create an impact on lives of citizens while adding to their growth, through the same.

Our Government Partners whose critical policies have been driven by our intelligence

Our Corporate Clients who pay us and get valuable access to the right data in return

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Words of Encouragement !

Great Leaders have praised us for the Impact we are making- we are loved and appreciated for our contribution to the economy of India- the First Nation that we have resolved to transform

Aim to create a social impact?

Because everything we do, is around social impact – we provide pro-bono services to multiple governmental and non-government organizations which enable them to take decisions, in an informed manner. Thereby, empowering the governance and citizens.