Neural Ocean: The Intelligent Data Revolution

Transforming Data into Insight with Proprietary Algorithms

Our Neural Ocean harnesses proprietary algorithms to transform vast data into actionable intelligence. It provides a detailed, real-time overview of the low-income workforce, revealing skill levels, ambitions, socio-economic statuses, behaviors, and mindsets. This system predicts ideal career paths and income benchmarks, offering a comprehensive understanding of individual potentials and market dynamics.

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How does this power us?

This Neural Ocean is the basis of the Livelihood Enhancement Guide for Citizens and the intelligent platforms given to Companies with Samarth Citizens. It is also the basis of customisation done for companies to help in their growth by extracting the potential of their low income workforce.
Wish to know how you can use Sapio Neural Ocean to transform your business by empowering your low income workforce?

Pillars of Neural Ocean


When patent-pending empathetic conversations happen, data beyond the surface gets extracted. When advanced normalisation, cleaning and structuring techniques, that are powered through constant feedback loops, are used; extracted data becomes more intelligent


Powered by various algorithms, including and not limited to our patented algorithm on identifying depth of relationships between various entities in a network, and other algorithms on empathetic evaluation from a vernacular hyperlocal context, our analytics pillar is aimed at deriving intelligence out of the normalised data


Artificially intelligent anonymizer that knows how to anonymise data, without need of manual intervention, while optimising between quality and privacy of data. To know more about our Artificially Intelligent Anonymizer, check out our published patent on the same or contact us to know more

Future Application of Neural Ocean: Our own Generative A.I. Model

New Language Learning Model, that gets powered by proprietary hyperlocal intelligence on the low income workforce of Bharat

Ability to have conversations that are constantly fed with new intelligence from the Neural Ocean, through dynamic data banks