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Prashant Nikam

A maverick government officer, Prashant has pioneered multiple systems within the government, innovating processes during his roles as Director of Police and Director of Personnel, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
Ashwin 1

Ashwin Srivastava

A serial entrepreneur and pioneer in artificial intelligence, Ashwin has built and exited multi-million dollar entities. He is also an angel investor and venture capitalist in various data-focused startups, known for innovating products.
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Hardik Somani

A social entrepreneur and innovator in operations, Hardik has built organizations from scratch, including the UK-headquartered INSA. His go-getter spirit drives innovation in operational strategies.
Sateesh Dasari

Sateesh Dasari

A technocrat with 3 decades of experience, managing projects worth billions of dollars cumulatively, he deep dives into the combination of product, business and operations

Subramanian Krishnan

Independent Director
A veteran banker with experience of being at the helm of Standard Chartered Bank among others, he is now actively involved in leading various activities at Sapio leading to business development

Team Members

Our Advisors

Lord Rami Ranger

Member, House of the Lords - UK

N. N.

Former Chairman - JNPT


Government Relations

Ashok Shah

Managing Director - Gowani Infra
Vedan Choolan


Managing Director (Overseas)


Tech Guru

Tech Team

Aman Rai

Head of Data Science

Vaibhav Maske

SD-II Frontend Developer

Nandan Kalkur M

SD-II Cloud DevOps

Mahesh Suthar

SD-I Fullstack Developer

Kadir Shaikh

SD-I Frontend Developer

Onkar Hingne

SD-I Frontend Developer

Gopal Gawade

SD-I Frontend Developer

Sonali Bhalerao

SD-I Frontend Developer

Aditya Dahake


Pratik Katkar

Tech Ops

Smit Vora

SD-I Backend Developer

Sanket Kesharwani

SD-I Backend Developer

Harsha Parmar

SD-I Backend Developer

Kartikey Shaurya

Data Analyst

Tanya Arora

Database Architect

Xavier Rosario

Data Science Associate

Khyati Saxena

SD-I Flutter Developer

Riya Singh

Testing & Tech Ops

Central Operations

Shivangi Somani

Head of Finance & Corporate Communications

Ekta Sharma

Senior HR Manager

Dayal Kangne

Business Consultant

Richa Patil

Business & Partnerships Associate

Abhishek Dharampuriya

Marketing Executive

Onkar Raut

Marketing Associate

Harshada Ajgaonkar

Business & HR Executive

Shubham Shende

Business Development Analyst

Subhash Rai

Staff Accountant

Neha More

Career Counsellor

Sonali Jogale

Career Counsellor

Preethi Usha

Career Counsellor