We make citizens and businesses more capable

Citizens are empowered by an empathetic lifetime livelihood enhancement guide that provides them with the right recommendations for their growth and empowerment, through a deep understanding of their pulse

Businesses are empowered through the use of the aforementioned guide with their workforce, besides getting a recruitment management platform (right from matching profiles against their job descriptions to seeing the status and interest level of candidates until they are on-boarded), and a real-time pulse dashboard on their existing workforce (with probability of attrition and recommended interventions)
This is Samarth

Snippets of the Samarth Platform

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Boosting Low-Income Citizens and Business Growth

Know how Samarth can empower low-income citizens and use the intelligence gathered through this empowerment to empower the growth of businesses that engage with this workforce

Navigating Career Paths with Empathy

Know how Samarth Bots interact with citizens, with empathy, and through these interactions provide them the right guidance on jobs, skills, self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. A glimpse into a specific use case

Job Matching: Using Hidden Skills and Behavioral Data

Know how Companies looking to recruit can post a job and get smart matches by applying principles of hidden skill identification, socio-economic condition, behaviour matching, passion and stability prediction, etc

Tailored Interventions for Individual and Group Insights

See how companies can get the pulse of their low-income workforce, deep diving into their concern areas on a group level as well as individual level, and getting the list of people to focus on, besides knowing recommended interventions that should be done with them

Join Our AI-Powered Network: Elevating Recruitment Agencies Nationwide

See how recruitment agencies at all levels across India can become a part of our AI-powered umbrella, and use our technologies, mandates, and brand value to enhance their margins and increase their growth; while organising a largely unorganised industry


Creating AI-Powered Livelihood Centers Across India

See how we have initiated a movement that will convert every physical space of India into an AI-powered livelihood enhancement centre. The process has begun and our ground team is actively working on the same

Smart Job Fairs: Efficient, Effective Recruitment Solutions

We can conduct smart job fairs, making the process of conducting job drives easier and more effective. Governments, social organisations, recruitment partners, and any potential channel partners that wish to access the citizens of India can approach us and learn more


Access Our Smart, Referenced CVs

As a citizen, do you want a smart and credible CV that comes with references and has more value in the job market? Such a CV is being provided to select citizens


Get a glimpse into the Generative AI innovations that we are working on!