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We create products using deep tech for extraction of intelligence out of less accessible data, through partnerships with mediums of national importance, ultimately leading to social impact

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Product Case Studies

Smart Cop

We at Sapio, along with Dinosys Infotech have developed Smart Cop! A powerful tool which will empower front-line Police Officers. The mounted Smart Cop App will enhance the balance, security, sustenance, and scalability of the existing department. It can likewise be utilised for mapping crime which can monitor high-crime locations. The Smart Cop is an essential guarantee to modernise the police to manage local security.

Employment Enhancement Portal


Saksham- Sharmik Shakti Manch, a platform we developed to fill the gap between the job seekers and job providers by connecting them both through strategic planning and analysed assessment of skill proficiency of job seekers and further analysis of job demands, with a focus on localised economic growth. The portal connects the workers and MSMEs of the area through WhatsApp and missed calls. It eliminates the contractual practice slated to come up with the process of getting jobs for workers.


We at Sapio Analytics have developed a range of versatile products that aim in assisting and collaborating with the states to make smarter decisions with help of A.I and industry-leading technology solutions.


We have used the best in class technology and A.I to come up with real-world solutions for real-world problems. Every solution we have is unique and can be paired up to form fascinating products that can assist your decision making ability better.

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Because everything we do, is around social impact – we provide pro-bono services to multiple governmental and non-government organizations which enable them to take decisions, in an informed manner. Thereby, empowering the governance and citizens.

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