At Sapio, we provide data driven decision support systems to organisations helping them make appropriate decisions and policies.


We believe policies need to be supported by data, and governments/organisations across the globe have now started to realize this need.  Our raison d’être is choosing areas of work within this ambit, that can positively impact lives. We provide futuristic solutions that are changing the way the world operates now.


To create a set of universal products, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning that can automatically contextualize solutions on a granular level.

Our mission is to ensure that our work is all-pervading in it’s scope, giving it universality, as our domains encompass not just Governments – both at the national and state level in India, but also the thriving private sector, heritage and cultural institutions, charitable organisations, and other NGOs.

3D city models are digital models of urban areas that represent terrain surfaces, sites, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure and landscape elements in three-dimensional scale as well as related objects.

In the government, decisions seem to be driven more by intuition rather than data (and in cases where its driven by data, use of data is cursory and not high-tech) leading to loss in possible revenue and profits and undesirable impact of policies at all levels. Sapio is solving this problem, probably for the first time anywhere.

– Senior Government Official

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